The charge for services shall encompass applied labor at the specified hourly rate plus charges associated with shift differentials, overtime premiums, travel time, and reimbursement of travel expense, per diem allowance and cost of temporary lodging.

1. The Service Order shall be executed setting forth the job specifications in sufficient detail to adequately identify the scope and probable duration of the project.

2. The job classification of personnel assigned to the project shall be consistent with the needs of the customer and shall conform to the duties and responsibilities normally associated with that job classification.

3. Non-Standard Work Hours (Shift Differential) Level 3 through 13: In the event the customer requires any portion of the scheduled eight (8) consecutive hours to be within the hours set forth below (during the normal work week), the application rates shall be increased by the percentages shown:

Hours Percentage Increase
6:00 PM to Midnight 7%
Midnight to 7:00 AM 10%

4. Overtime
On mutual agreement overtime work (work beyond the eight (8) consecutive hours and work performed beyond the normal work week and on holidays) may be performed. Such work will be billed in accordance with the following:

a. Job Level 12 and 13 Personnel: the standard rate plus 25% of the hourly rate for work in excess of eight (8) hours per work shift and for the excess over five consecutive work days. The seventh consecutive day of work and holidays are charged at the standard rate plus 50% of the hourly rate.

b. All Other Categories: The standard Volume I rates apply for all overtime worked.

5. Charges for Travel Expenses
Airline tickets, per diem, mileage and hotel expenses, if any, will be charged in accordance with the current established CRINER-DANIEL'S policies.

6. Local Travel Time
No charge will be made for the first hour of local travel time to and from the customer's location, but any additional travel time will be charged to the customer as part of the services rendered.

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