CRINER-DANIELS is currently providing computer training, project management, consulting support services and network support to many ISD's throughout the states of Texas, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

CRINER-DANIELS has provided consulting services to the National Science Foundation (NSF) on the use of computers in an educational environment dating back to 1976. Our founder, Mr. Walter H. Criner, was a member of the Design & Development team of the very first computer based education system (CDC PLATO 1972-1985).

The staff of CRINER-DANIELS brings together over 60 years experience in designing and delivering customized computer software programming and training. We have built and maintained a global network of Programmer/Network Engineer & Consultant resources which allows us to cover a comprehensive range of software design, development, Local Area & Wide Area Networks, consulting services and training. It is this experience which enables us to secure the best personnel for each particular program, offer a variety of solution options, and follow through with delivery and scheduling that will meet all of your expectations. The following are examples of a few of CRINER-DANIELS' projects:

  • Evaluation of existing computer environment/departments and recommendations for optimization and enhancement for a Southwestern College and school districts in Texas and Missouri.

  • CRINER-DANIELS is providing Project Management support to a State of Texas agency in their support of 56 school districts, 52,000 teachers, 3,000 school administrators and 760,000 students. Thirteen (13) school districts have moved to a client server environment since 1994. We are assisting another group of seven (7) school districts to move to client server environments also. Our experiences have run the gamut from installation of hardware and software at the campus level, to evaluation of a total District computer environment.

  • We have provided design through installation support for LAN & WAN networks and the integration of them into an overall information system architecture. This support has been provided to school districts and private industries.
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